Thursday, April 9, 2020

Home is the Key

Our Vision is to Create a Community Where Everyone Has a Safe Place to Call Home

Please consider supporting the Kahuna Campaign and help us continue to build safe and decent housing for our neighbors

This year sixteen affordable housing advocates have joined together to create teams to make the 2020 Kahuna Campaign just as successful as year’s past. The winning team will be announced on Wednesday, June 10th! Social distancing, due to COVID-19, has created a challenge but our Kahunas are still “ready to rumble” as the 2020 Kahuna Campaign goes VIRTUAL.
I think you will all agree that now, more than ever, people need a safe place to call home. Families need affordable housing so that they can afford to put food on the table, pay their medical bills and pay for their children's education.
We cannot let COVID-19 stop this important Spring Fundraising Campaign! Support a Kahuna and support safe housing at the same time!
100% of your donation goes directly to Watauga Habitat for Humanity.
With your generous donation, we can help make sure more families in our community have a safe place to call home.


Wonder Women in Leadership- Ella Jennings, Haley Perry, Jennifer Greene, Yolanda Robertson

Three Kahunas and a Guy- Jenny Miller, Jane Meyers, Susan Devine and John Dean

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