Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Our Habitat ReStore Supports Our Mission

Watauga Habitat ReStore plays an important role in helping us build strength, stability and self-reliance through shelter.

Our Restore is owned and operated by our local affiliate.  The proceeds generated are used right here in our local community!

Why Habitat ReStores are unique
If you’ve been to more than one Habitat ReStore, you’ve probably noticed that, unlike many home improvement stores, ReStores all look different. The stores have different layouts and stock different items. In fact, if you’ve visited the same store more than once, you’ve probably noticed that the items for sale change from day to day – or even hour to hour.
This individuality is what makes Habitat ReStore unique. Since the Watauga Habitat ReStore is run by us, it is specifically set-up to best serve our area. There’s no one-size-fits-all mentality here; every Habitat ReStore knows how to best serve their specific community.
How you can help Watauga Habitat ReStore
Inventory changes often  because much of the merchandise for sale comes from donations; what is for sale is based on what is donated. If you have been cleaning out your garage or are looking to replace your gently used furniture,  the ReStore may be the place for you to donate the items you are no longer using. For other items you can donate, see our article on "8 Things to donate when renovating," and you can even check to see if you can have your donation picked up for free.
After donating at Habitat ReStore, stick around to do a little shopping. Just as your donations provide the items that we sell, your purchases provide the proceeds that go to provide decent places to live.
Habitat ReStores also are always looking for great volunteers to help in this process. Get in touch with your local Habitat ReStore today to see how you can help by shoppingdonating and volunteering.

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